R.I.P. Icenhour Adventures

The time has come. As much as I don't want to say bye to my blog, I have to :(

I am just tired of soooo many things on my To-Do list not getting done that I'm taking things off. This working mom just can't take it anymore. So, Icenhour Adventures is one of the many "to-do's" that has to go.

I don't think it will be greatly missed (sorry Nana!) but it has been fun while it lasted. For now, Facebook will have to do.

So, if you want to see the photos (and very short stories) that should have been posted here - just go here. Find me on Facebook.

So long, blog. We had a good run :)


Blog Neglect

So, I was reminded today by a sweet friend that blogging is the best way to keep up with our friends from afar (aka, South Carolina!) She is having a baby in a few months and was encouraged by one of our other friends (who is now a blogger) to start her own blog. I hope she does :)

I still do like blogging better than posting on Facebook - but really I don't have time for either! So, I'm going to try harder to keep the 'ole blog up to date and, well, Facebook will keep getting neglected as it always has been. Oh well.

My sweet, little family really has had some fun lately and I've got the photos to prove it - just don't have the time to post them. So, here's one. The fair. We do love the fair and all the greasy, fried food that comes along with it.

Michael Dean was so brave this year. Even after skinning his knee (and arm, I found out a few days later...bad mommy) he just kept trucking. Literally. He loved the monster truck ride! I hope to get more pics up here soon...bear with me.



I found this monster set of cookie cutters at Goodwill ($4!) a few weeks ago, so we pulled out the Play-Doh and had some fun. Of course, Michael Dean found the 2 choo-choo train shapes immediately and only wanted to make those. I tried my best to get a giraffe, bell, his initials, and Santa Claus on the table. But, all he wanted were the trains :)

Good times.


A Full Weekend

This past weekend was jam-packed! It started Friday evening with a small birthday party for Papa (Donnie's dad) at our house. Then, on Saturday our good friends, Sean and Marianne, came over with their 2 boys, Conner and Owen. Conner Michael (as Michael Dean called him, because he has a buddy at school named Conner Walker and was totally confused by the 2 Conners!) is a few months younger than MD but is obsessed with trains too. So, the 2 of them had a ball playing trains together. And, Marianne was sweet enough to bring some special desserts for the kids so the picture above is the boys enjoying their cupcakes "with sprinkles"!

On Sunday, we went to a birthday party for a boy in Michael Dean's class at school - Nicholas. See, Nicholas is MD's partner-in-crime. Well, the teachers have to keep them separated, some, at school so I guess you could say that! Anyway, I've never really seen them together, outside of school, and MAN do I have a different kid around Nicholas! MD was brave, ran right into the water at the Splash Pad, went through the entire jungle gym and down a big slide all by himself, and ran way off from me - which is totally unlike him. It was fun to watch - it was like watching another kid all day!

Then, to top the weekend off, we got a new bell for MD's train bed! Whew, that was crazy excitement for MD Monday night. He LOVES it...and did surprisingly well by not ringing it all night long.

Good times. Really. Our weekends are never quite long enough. Sigh.


Work in Progress...

Donnie and I are putting a deck on the back of our new house! It's pretty darn exciting.

One of our amazing friends has offered to, pretty much, build the whole thing. So, Donnie and Richard (and his son, Alex) have been working hard the past few days to get this thing done. Yeah! We're hoping to start using our new deck soon, so Phase 2 photos should be posted soon :)

Putting the kids to work!

Time for a break :)