R.I.P. Icenhour Adventures

The time has come. As much as I don't want to say bye to my blog, I have to :(

I am just tired of soooo many things on my To-Do list not getting done that I'm taking things off. This working mom just can't take it anymore. So, Icenhour Adventures is one of the many "to-do's" that has to go.

I don't think it will be greatly missed (sorry Nana!) but it has been fun while it lasted. For now, Facebook will have to do.

So, if you want to see the photos (and very short stories) that should have been posted here - just go here. Find me on Facebook.

So long, blog. We had a good run :)


Coates Family said...

I will be sad to see you go!

Shauna said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog but understand :)

paige said...

hahaha. I am right there with ya! I don't even blog, I just post pictures - it's like my online photo album! I'm much better with facebook! See ya there-

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